Reasons Why Solar Power Is More Cost-Efficient Than Many Other Energies

The Economics of Solar Power

Solar energy has many advantages that’s why more and more people are shifting to solar energy as their source of power. There are types of energy: renewal and non-renewable energy. Solar energy, Hydropower, biomass and wind energy belong to renewable energy which means their sources are natural. On the other hand non-renewable coal, petroleum, nuclear and hydrocarbon gas liquids, when processed these components emit toxic gases that are bad for the environment.  That’s why renewable energy is now being promoted to replace non-renewable sources. Here are some details on how solar power is more cost-efficient than many other energies.

Is Solar Energy More Cost-effective?

The source of energy can affect the cost of energy a lot. For instance, solar energy comes from the sun. The Sun is free and abundant, that’s why solar energy is considered the most cost-effective energy. Standard source of electricity on the other hand is expensive due to scarcity of source. 

How Efficient Is Solar Energy Compared To Others?

Solar energy can be more efficient in the sense that you can store energy from the sun by using a solar panel system. The energy that is stored in a solar panel can be utilized to power up your home. The way solar power works can cut down electricity bills up to 80%. Here is a simple structure of a solar panel system:

Solar Panels 

Solar panels are the main component for solar power systems, the number of panels would depend on how much energy your home needs. Solar panels are installed mostly on the roof since this is where the sun strikes the most. 

Solar Inverter 

This is the equipment that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). AC is the energy that can be used to power household lines and devices. 


This is where solar energy is stored. Solar panels charge during day time and store energy in the batteries so it can be used during the time when the sun is out. Which means that if you are able to collect enough energy for your whole day activity then you will not be needing extra electricity from the grid. 

With this kind of structure the solar power system can work to produce the energy your home needs. You can have an option to connect it to the power grid which means you can pull power to fill in the energy our home needs just in case your solar energy is not enough. On the contrary you can get paid if you can spill the excess energy generated from your solar panel to the grid. Whichever the case you are in a win-win situation. 

Is Solar Energy Cheaper Than Electricity?

Solar is the cheapest form of energy as described above. The sun is an abundant source which means that the tendency of solar energy to increase its  cost is low because the source will never be scarce. The main cost that you have to pay is your solar panel installation, the average cost   from $11,000 to $15,000 or can be more depending on the energy your home needs. Bigger house, more appliances and more lights means more solar panels are needed. 

Solar energy, a cost effective comparison with conventional energy sources, has been computed on surveys and recorded and the result always makes solar energy more cost effective. Investing in a solar panel system can cost you a large amount of money but with all the money you can save in not paying high bills for 5 years or more you can likely get your return of investment in 5 to 8 years. Here are Some comparisons made between conventional and non-conventional source of energy:


  • It can be used for a long time. 
  • Sources can run out. 
  • Resources can cause pollution and emit toxic gases. 


  • Sources will never run out since they are natural. 
  • Resources are environmentally friendly because they are pollution-free. 
  • Resources are less expensive because they can be easily maintained. 

To know more about how solar power is more cost-efficient than many other energies, you can get the opinion from the experts who are non-other but the solar power providers. They know better, and they have been operating for a long time and have satisfied many clients with their solar panel installation. You can contact Shreveport Louisiana Solar Company for details of how to avail solar panel systems and start reaping the benefits of shifting to solar energy as your source of power.