Designing Your Home Walls

Designing Your Home Walls

The key to a well-designed house or space is balance; this refers to accessories you put around different rooms in your home to enhance the intended décor. Most places usually have pictures on specific walls, though not all partitions should be mounted images. When deciding on the type of picture that goes well with your wall, there are several vital considerations. Such as; the depth and warmth it adds, is it an intricate design to your décor, does it alter the dynamics of the wall, or how well does it reinforce the casual or formal room design.

Choosing Wall Art for Different Rooms

Most people usually neglect the kitchen when considering rooms to be fitted with wall art. However, the kitchen is the heart of every home and often the most used room since most people gather together in the kitchen. The best place to put wall art in your kitchen is preferably above the cabinets and countertops. To maintain detail, you should consider having smaller pieces that complement the space. Since the kitchen is a social room, you can put prints that make people smile.

A bedroom is a place for a retreat where we go to relax after a long day. Hence the artwork should be a reflection of that. The best place to put wall art in the bedroom is directly over the bed or the wall beside the bed. Most professional designers consider large-scale pieces hung at eye level and should have soothing tones and colors. The frames should be kept minimal, like canvases and gallery frames that are the best for this.

The bathroom is also an excellent place to put up wall art as any other room in your house. Remember that the art you choose should align with the room. If you are looking for art to complement your powder room, you should select lively, fun, or colorful art. The best place to have your wall art is over the toilet, towel or robe hooks, and bathtub.

Your living room is the most common room, which is often decorated and filled with all sorts of wall art and paint. It will help if you put a lot of consideration before choosing your wall art of choice to set your aiming mood and feeling. Whether you go for a large-scale replica of a 2D image, you can find a unique one that best defines your intended spirit.

Key Benefits of Incorporating Wall Art

Wall art creates an instance color palette and creates a focal point for the entire interior design. A perfectly placed wall art brings a sense of texture as it makes a room appear finished and complete. Though most people usually add wall art after decorating the entire house, it should be the other way round and come in the initial stages of decorating any space.

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