Why Laminated Postcards Are Versatile

Laminated postcards are a versatile medium for marketing campaigns. It can be used for various purposes, from direct mail to personalized products. Learn how to use this marketing piece effectively to get the most out of your next campaign. We’ll cover water resistance, personalization, and durability.


Laminated postcards and other printed materials have a longer life and look great for longer. As a result, they are especially useful for outdoor applications. The lamination process adds rigidity to the printed material and protects it from damage caused by sunlight and weather. It also provides a smooth and consistent printing surface.

Laminated postcards are waterproof. Unlike paper, waterproof laminate will not degrade with time. The waterproof coating will keep the postcard from warping and can withstand harsh mail routes. In addition, the postcard won’t suffer from shipping losses, saving the company money in the long run.

Consumers are more likely to pay attention to a laminated postcard than a standard mailer. This is due in part to its appearance and durability. Laminated mailers will also withstand damage from automatic sorting machines and will last longer. In addition, a laminated postcard with a glossy lamination will be much more likely to catch the consumer’s attention.

Lamination is also useful in protecting credit cards. The coating protects them from abrasion, wear, and moisture and can increase their lifespan from three to ten years. Moreover, thicker laminates offer better protection against abrasion. The durability of a laminated postcard depends on the type of laminated film and its thickness.


Using personalized laminated postcards for direct mail campaigns can improve response rates. These postcards are more effective than envelope offers and can be customized for any automotive campaign. With advances in digital printing technology, it’s easier to use a customizable template to create postcards tailored to each recipient’s needs.

Aside from the versatility of the postcard format, laminated postcards have a variety of other advantages. These include: (a) cost-effectiveness: you can print your postcards. b) High-quality, personalized postcards have a high response rate. In addition, laminated postcards are more durable than ordinary postcards.

Personalization with laminated postcards is an effective way to market your brand to your target audience. For instance, they are great for highlighting new products, new employees, or important business changes. In addition, laminated postcards are more eye-catching than standard postcards. This makes them more memorable to your target audience.

For automotive direct mail marketing, laminated postcards are an excellent option. They make each postcard feel special and can even contain a credit card-sized offer that pops out the postcard. In addition, they are more powerful than conventional mailers, and your recipients will feel that the postcard is especially for them.


The water resistance of laminated cards is an important feature for outdoor use. Unlike regular postcards, laminated ones can withstand water and be wiped clean. However, the edges of the card may get damaged by water. Therefore, laminated postcards are made with a special type of paper that provides water resistance.

Laminated postcards are durable and are available in different thicknesses. They can be used for advertising and are also ideal for many other purposes. The one mil gloss lamination on these postcards gives them a high gloss look and creates a barrier that prevents them from getting wet. This makes them popular for business cards, menus, and information sheets. In addition, they can be trimmed to fit any size, which makes them a versatile choice for any business.

The process of laminating paper makes it stronger and more durable. However, it can be time-consuming and expensive. Today, waterproof paper is available that does not require laminating. This paper is made from synthetic fibers and does not contain wood pulp. As a result, it has excellent water resistance, is chemical-proof, and is fade-resistant.

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