Wholesale Lots on eBay – Find Out How and Why You Must Buy and Sell on eBay!

It is reputed that eBay is known for its’ distinguish place for buyers and sellers in their trading activities in bulk. Unfortunately, there are still some people who do not know how to access large scale of wholesale lots in buying and selling their wares for derivation of consistent huge profits on eBay. It is at this place where you can find foreign importers and dropshippers transact their businesses on wholesale. However, we best recommend Dropshipping rather than foreign importation as the former has unique advantages. They provide access to a catalog of over a million items, and best of all, they offer little or even no up-front cost(s).

There are varying distinction between foreign importers and wholesale dropshippers!

The great disadvantages when you course your wholesale transaction through import(s) are the required upfront costs, compounded by language barriers as both buyers and sellers may or may not speak the same native language. And most often, for reliability of payment(s) in a foreign exchange transaction like this, sellers of wholesale lot require the buyers the opening of letters of credit in their favor, which added to the burden of preparing of so many documents, putting up of the required marginal deposits and frequency of going to and fro to the post office for postal deliveries and/or port area for arrival of shipment(s) as the case maybe.

In Wholesale drop shipping transactions(s) these weary some problems are avoided. Being a dropshipping member, the eBay seller has an access to over a million items at below wholesale prices. Most dropshippers offer their products to buyers for a free trial period, and are only required to pay once the latter accepted the item. And in case the deal turns out to be unconsummated, the buyer is not in an obligation to pay but can return the item and moves forward to the next successful auction. After the deal has been finalized, the information is passed onto the dropshipper, who upon receipt of the payment dispatches the item directly to the customer’s place. In going over through such process, there are no trips whatsoever and no inventory of item to hold.

It is very clear of the distinction(s) between the two mode of buying and selling of wholesale lots. While importers give a larger lot, the eBay business is confronted with upfront costs, the burden of opening letters of credit, and frequency of trips to the post office and port area for arrival of shipment(s). The wholesale dropshipper offers the same lots at a much lesser risk to the eBay customer(s) and in a more comfortable way.

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