Who is a Marketer?

Who is a Marketer?

Many people would think that marketer is a person that only stimulates the demand for products and services on the market. In other words marketers are trying to convince people to buy stuff they don’t need. Well, it is not that simple. A marketer is a person who uses marketing methods to promote a product. There may be many marketers but there are only a few successful marketers. The main way in which the success of a marketer is measured is through the growth in the revenue and profits of the company. There are some ways in which a marketer can become successful.

The first thing that marketers have to do to increase growth in the company is to find a suitable way to relate revenue growth with the marketing. This can be done if the marketer is able to quantify a fixed percentage of the revenue growth as an outcome of some specific marketing activities.

An example of this can be- advertisement campaign during the first and second quarter led to a 10% revenue increase. When the marketer is able to define revenue as a product of marketing activities, he/she becomes empowered enough to define the return on investments (ROI). This gives the marketer additional authority on business decisions.

A successful marketer has to drive the other sectors of a business into taking possession of new technology and tools- things that can enhance customer satisfaction. For instance, in British Telecom, marketing is in charge of the IT department. They seek to better customer interaction with the help of developing Web based services.

The existing tools of sales that are already present are reviewed time and again and efficiency is sought to be augmented. Customer is the main stay of present day business. Everything revolves around the customer. Therefore modern day business cannot survive without marketing occupying the main place to drive various technologies and tools. This is required for customer satisfaction.

Marketing also provides services and guidance to the organization. Details such as the future requirements of the market are all provided to R&D and engineers by marketing professionals. This is done so that the company can keep track with the changing demands of time and make products accordingly.

Simultaneously, marketing also acts along with sales to find opportunities. Products have to be taken through appropriate channels; these are suggested by these two operations. The behavior of potential and current customers is adjudged by these two- customers not only buy products they also influence the mechanism of future products. If there is any innovation in new products and services, it is done by marketing and sales.

A successful marketer will also be a strategic leader. They can head different projects starting from product innovation to positioning, pricing to communications. A successful marketer needs to think with a vision. A successful marketer will also employ such people who can do a lot more than their counterparts who are present in competing companies.

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