The Many Advantages of Audio Books

Audio books have become quite popular with the development of new audio technologies and there are many reasons behind their success. Books in Audio format are slowly gaining over the printed media as more and more people are enjoying the convenience of listening books on their favorite audio devices and have also been shown to improve vocabulary skills in children. They’re also much more convenient and often more inexpensive.

The first advantage is the most obvious, no reading. One may wonder why this is an advantage. For the visually challenged is a better way to enjoy a book compared to reading it via Braille text. For people who may not be visually impaired, the audio book still helps as it prevents any eye strain and allows the person to do other activities like walking, exercising and yard work while listening. Even listen to your favorite titles while on the treadmill. Many of us spend hours in commute from our workplace and this time can be effectively used by listening to a book. Catch up on your favorite books and help pass the time on those long daily journeys to your job.

Apart from saving time and making your commute a pleasant experience, audio books offer a better way of enjoying a book. When you are not involved in the activity of reading you are more relaxed and your mind is totally free to form the strong visualization of the story and start living the different characters in the book. If you are into self development books, just imagine the impact it will have when you are actually listening to your favorite coach rather than just reading his words.

Another great advantage to audio books is the instant availability to many of your favorite titles including new releases. Search for your favorite title by author, title and keyword, including over 6000 titles by famous publishers like Harper and Collins, Time Warner and BBC just to name a few. Browse books from many different categories including Fiction, Crime and Thrillers, Biography, Arts and Drama, Business, Foreign Language Study, History, Health and Recreation, Humor, Juvenile, TV and Film, Radio Shows, Religion and Spiritual and Self Help.

Consider learning a new language like Spanish, Japanese or German from an audio book as opposed to printed material. The biggest advantage is hearing the right pronunciations of each word and phrase immediately, not to mention listening has been proven to be the best way to learning any language which is how you learned in the first place eh?. All titles available on these websites are easily downloadable and can be played on almost any of the latest audio devices like MP3 players or iPods.

Are you a new comer to audio books? Try before you buy in the free audio book section. There are generally titles available absolutely free for you to download and explore. There’s normally a request for an email address so they know where to send your request. Instantly experience the fascinating world of audio books., for free.

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