The Fear of Losing Out on Both Sides: America and Outsourced Jobs

America is known throughout the world as the land of opportunity. The United States is the dream country for some people elsewhere in the world. Some countries around the world look at the U.S as a role model. America is also known as the mecca of all kinds of businesses. To cut down on costs, a lot of companies are known to manufacture elsewhere like Mexico, India, and other countries for cheaper labor. This way of operating business allows consumers to pay less for goods and services. This also helps to increase a company’s profit margin while maintaining a symbiotic relationship with the participating country.

During the campaign of Donald Trump, a lot of American people voiced their opinions towards companies that do business outside of the U.S. Some are very angry that jobs that they have relied on for years are being outsourced to other countries. Others expressed how frustrated they are over not being able to find a stable job to support their family, to live comfortably after finishing school, and to pay back student loans. To find a solution to this global issue, it’s important that we listen to each other’s worries and find a common ground that we all can benefit from.

Throughout the presidential election, Trump vowed to keep and return jobs to America from overseas. According to Patrick Gillespie in “This Mexican Mom’s Big Fear: Trump Will Take My Job,” Trump’s promise to the American people is what terrorized Hilda Roldan miles away in Mexico. She is a mother of four kids who relies on her job to take care of her family. Roldan works 60 hours a week at a textile factory in Puebla, Mexico and she looks forward to the $42 she makes to take care of her two daughters and sons. She has been working in this plant for 10 years making and folding T-shirts (Gillespie).

She is deeply frightened that Trump could take the job she relies on to feed her family. According to the Labor Department data, the United States has lost more than 100000 American workers in the textile industry. Experts believe that most of these jobs are not returning back. Returning Roldan’s job back to America is definitely going to hurt the consumers’ pockets because workers are compensated more in America (Gillespie).

Furthermore, in a world where people want a better life, people will go wherever there is a high demand for jobs, which could mean more immigrants crossing the borders illegally to find employment. Some people will not hesitate to do so in order for them to take care of their loved ones. And this will only add more problems with the current illegal immigration issues that the U. S is still finding ways to deal with. In the end, we all want the same thing, which includes a comfortable life, great paying jobs and equal opportunities.

It’s very important to find ways for companies to cut costs without excluding the American workers in the job market. A company like Wal-Mart depends on overseas manufacturing to cut costs in order to stay competitive. However, blaming foreign workers for stealing American jobs is not the right approach. Foreign workers help create more jobs which helps the economy as a whole.

It is imperative that we find a common ground where Americans will be happy to work in their home country while welcoming foreign workers who will definitely help improve the job market. America is the country where anything and everything is possible. Therefore when we come together without pointing fingers at each other and treat one another the way we want to be treated, we can definitely find a solution that can make our children and many more generations happy.

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