The 3 MLM Network Marketing Keywords

We have realized that you need these three words; Be, Doing and Have in other to be an MLM top earner and producer. The interesting part of these words is that it has be in this order.


You have to BE that thing that you want to be first in the mind. We know you have heard this a million times, but you need to hear it more. Its all about your mindset. Success in any home based business starts from the mind.

To attain true financial freedom starts from the mind. IF you want to become a billionaire, you have to believe you are one first in you mind. This helps your posture and confidence. Whenever you are networking and probably talking about your MLM company, you need to know that YOU ARE THE CEO OF YOUR BUSINESS. PERIOD. Don’t let anyone work over you.

The best way to develop and grow is by investing in yourself. Read self development books. Listen to audio books. You have to develop and grow mentally.


Remember the saying, Faith without work is dead. After the mindset growth and development, you need to take action. It is called network marketing for a reason. You have to talk to a lot of people. You have to spend some time leading and helping out your down line. We prefer to call them your business partners.

You need to be prospecting daily, doing the three way calls, presenting to prospecting and acquiring customers, writing articles, blogging.These are the actions that actually makes us the money in MLM business. These are simple actions to take. They are easy to do but easier not to do.


This is the part that we all love. But to have money, time, residual income and true financial freedom through MLM network marketing or home based business, you need to spend more time on the first two.

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