The 10 Best Billy Connolly DVDs

Billy Connolly is the comedian of his generation. The greatest comedian ever to come out of the UK. Here is a list of 10 of his best DVDs.

1. Billy and Albert.

Filmed at the Royal Albert Hall in 1987 Connolly shows exactly why he was regarded as one the top 3 comedians in the world alongside Richard Pryor and Robin Williams.

Contains some of his classic routines such as Tarantulas and their wily ways and Scuba Diving.

Hilarious from start to finish with some of Connolly’s notorious ADHD thrown in for good measure.

2. Billy Connolly Live 1991

Connolly at his very best. Some brilliant routines about pit-bull terriers, dog sex and chatting up women. Also has one the funniest sets you will ever see about football.

This tour became infamous after Margaret Thatcher’s daughter Carol stormed out of one of his show after taking exception to jokes Connolly made about her mother’s resignation as Prime Minister.

3. Billy Connolly Live 1994

Another night at the Hammersmith Apollo and another classic Connolly DVD. Some classic stories about growing up in Glasgow, his early work in the shipyards, and singing at parties.

This video was also highly controversial. Shortly after it’s original release it was removed from distribution after jokes Connolly made about mass-murderer Fred West. With West’s trial still ongoing at the time several minutes were removed after he complained that it may prejudice his case.

Connolly famously remarked “I think the bodies in your garden will do that Fred.”

4. Billy Connolly Bites Yer Bum

Filmed at the Victoria Apollo in 1981 this was Billy Connolly’s first live video. A culmination of a year-long tour of Britain.

Contains a lot of Connolly’s cruder early material and some classic song parodies.

5. Hand Picked by Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly’s second ever live video. Contains his brilliant routine about ‘The Lovely Raquel – the inflatable lady.’

This is early Connolly when his act was more based on jokes than his later observational-style.

6. Billy Connolly Live in Dublin 2002

Even approaching his 60th birthday Billy Connolly yet again proves his is one of the best in the business. This show was the pinnacle of his World Tour of England, Wales and Ireland. This video also spawned his YouTube hit about the tobacco police and mobile phones.

Contains bonus footage from his sell-out nights in Belfast, Killarney, Newcastle, Plymouth, Cardiff and London.

7. World Tour of Scotland

The first of Connolly’s World Tour series for the BBC and in my opinion the best. In a 6-part series Connolly travels the length and breadth of his native country re-visiting a lot of his old haunts. Inter-mixed with footage from over 60 live shows during his tour.

Connolly visits many locations that are close to his heart throughout his native country.

8. World Tour of Australia

Billy Connolly’s second BBC tour series. A country that Connolly hated in his early days it is now a place he truly loves. He experiences several Australian customs and attractions including swimming with dolphins, pie floaters and museums and galleries featuring Aboriginal art.

9. World Tour of England, Wales and Ireland

The third in the World Tour series for the BBC. Connolly travels throughout the UK to show some of the places close to his heart. This includes things such as: the sectarian divide in Northern Ireland; His grandfather’s grave in Southern Ireland; and the Geordie miners.

10. Billy Connolly Journey to the edge of the world

Connolly’s latest travelogue takes him to some of the wildest and remotest places of the world. He explores the vast Arctic region, from Canada’s Nova Scotia to the Northwest Passage of the Pacific Ocean. Following in the footsteps’ of the world’s most audacious explorers he searches for bears, whales and icebergs. He also encounters many people who have found home in this frozen wilderness.

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