Telephone Interview Advice for an Accountancy Job

If you have impressed the reader with your CV and application, you may be invited to do a telephone interview with the company you are applying to for your next Accountancy Job. Companies may decide this is the best first option if you live far away from the offices.

A telephone interview should be treated in the same way as a normal interview and should taken as seriously. However, it could be seen as being a little easier as you are not sitting right in front of the interviewer. The person you speak to will have a series of questions that they will want to ask you and will certainly want to elaborate on your CV.

Before you are scheduled in to conduct the interview, jot down all the answers to the most commonly asked questions and have that in front of you so you can then refer to these. Try however, to answer them in a natural way.

Also note down in a list all your accountancy skills and qualifications that are relevant to the job and keep in mind what they are actually looking for so you can tailor your answers accordingly. Think about the skills required for an Accountancy Job including numerical skills, organisation, presentation etc and make sure you show you can perform these skills.

Make sure you have your CV and application form that you sent to the company in front of you. You then know what they know and can refer to it if necessary.

Be professional and do not speak too quickly. Do not use slang and certainly do not interrupt or talk over the interviewer. Keep smiling at all times as there have been studies to show that this has a positive effect on the person who is listening.

Finally, keep in mind that the interviewer is only human and it is not an interrogation. At the end, if you want to ask questions about the Accountancy Job you are applying for, then do.

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