Pro or free, which is the right option to sell on Amazon

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Selling your books on Amazon is a great idea. But before making any decision, you need to check on the help available for the same. There are two options on Amazon, one is paid system and the other is free. If you are selling books as a side business, you can certainly go with the free system. In this system, you will pay only your product sells. If you decide that you want to take it to a grand scale, you can upgrade the plan at any time. You need to pay a monthly fee, that you need to recoup through savings in the Amazon commissions and it will offer you extra perks. 

Difference between pro version and free version of Amazon 

If you have started with the basic system and enjoy selling books or any other media items and your revenue or sales is consistent, you can go now for the pro version of Amazon also. But if you don’t sell a minimum of 40/50 products each month, you should go for the free system. 

The key difference between the pro-system and free system is the commission for every book is quite low. There is another difference also. You need to renew your listing every 60 days if you have a regular account. With this method, your account will stay active for the longer period of time you want it to be like that. 

Pro-plan comes with a big advantage. If you have a lot of out-of-print books, which are no longer listed in the catalogue of Amazon, you can go now and can surely join the pro category. This program can allow you to create a special listing for any type of product, whether they are part of Amazon offerings or not. 

Why Amazon 

On the other hand, Amazon is not the right place where a complete lot of people shop for out-of-print books. You need to keep in mind the important backup plan if you have so many books that don’t have listings at Amazon. 

So, what is the reason to go for the pro version? Well, it comes with a lot of features and benefits than the other option. But it is better to wait till you have sold the justified number of books to find out if it will pay for itself. If it does, you should go for this method for sure. If you have a huge turnover every month so that the regular monthly fee of Amazon can start cutting into all your profit, it is great to stay with your free account. 

Setting up the listing for an item on Amazon can be done with a few simple keystrokes only and there are no complicated methods like other auction sites. You need to add just the pictures of the product with impressive descriptions that are mostly set by Amazon. As a merchant of Amazon, you are indicating just the visitors of Amazon or the buyers to whom you are selling your item. When a visitor sees the product on Amazon, he/she can check out the Marchant selling this item.