Performing Well in the Market Using Financial Astrology

Performing Well in the Market Using Financial Astrology

Many traders who are very successful in the world make use of financial astrology and they are able to get great performance within the market. However, most traders are quite skeptical when they learn about the application of astrology in trading.

It is easy to understand why most are so suspicious. The main thing is the misconceptions that are usually evoked by the mere mention of astrology. If you think about it, the only thing that comes to mind is fortune telling and the entire psychic phenomenon. Most people associate it with horoscope and reading zodiacs. However, financial astrology has got nothing to do with the misconceptions. There is no fortune telling here. However, there is knowledge that is based on tangential connection to zodiac.

How it works

Financial astrology helps us understand all the intricate workings of all sorts of economic policies, currency manipulations and movements and corporate actions within markets. There are many insights that financial astrology actually provides. They can be applied in disciplined and pragmatic ways to all the personal trading.

The process is a very simple one. The trader looks for different correlations that exist between the movements and cycles within markets. When they are found, the repetitions are used as a tool that can be used to time trades.

Usually, the stars and the markets are both studied. It is important to look out for various trends and to look at all the historical price patterns data so as to test different effects of the alignments of the planet.

The regular cycles

Usually, planets move in a rhythm that is quite regular. However, their motion all through the solar system takes various speeds. The interactions that are harmonic are able to create an infinity of annular relationships and impulses.

The dynamics of the planets are very complex and they keep repeating at intervals that are actually predictable. When these correspond with lows and highs within the markets, it with shifts in the trends, they can be used so as to forecast the changes in market movements and future prices.

There are some interactions with the planet, the moon and the sun can sometimes correspond with the major lows and highs within the market with a very surprising reversal in trends. The stock trading strategy uses empirical verification and back testing. The correspondences between the market movements and the planetary cycles are used in the strategy. This seems to work as a lot of success has been realized after using it.


There are lots of astrological events which influence the behavior of the market, but one of the greatest is the solar eclipse. Usually, in the course of a year, we can have about two eclipses even though not all are visible in some locations. The eclipses can make an appearance within the sky during different times. The influence that they have can be well observed within the moving emotions which can drive markets all over the world. The events which take place just before an eclipse are bound to get lots of attention, but work out badly and with results that can be very disappointing.

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