Paper Shredding Services: Cost-Effective Solutions for Data Security

Paper shredding services are recurring services that provide clients with locked containers for their confidential paper waste. They are then shredded onsite using a truck with a high-powered industrial shredder.

The shredded paper is then sent for pulp formation to create different paper-based products. This helps reduce the need for fresh trees and saves energy.

Reduce the Risk of Data Breach

A garbage bag full of shredded paper may look like an impossibly tangled web worth no more than its weight in paper to the average onlooker, but to a skilled identity thief, it’s a treasure trove waiting to be uncovered. Hiring a company to shred your documents ensures that the sensitive information your employees and clients provide is securely destroyed and never falls into the wrong hands.

In addition to reducing the risk of a data breach, having your documents shredded regularly helps keep your office organized and free of clutter. Storing boxes of old documents takes up valuable storage space and can create a potential safety hazard. Distributing secure document drop boxes throughout your office makes it easy for employees to dispose of their files and papers securely.

By choosing shredding services Fort Collins that recycles its shredded documents, you can further reduce your carbon footprint by keeping local landfills from becoming overburdened. This can help boost your public image and demonstrate that you’re a business that cares about more than just the bottom line.

Reduce Litigation Expenses

Through ongoing shredding services, a business can save money on paper, ink, electricity, and other materials. This also reduces the need to store stacks of documents containing confidential information, which can be costly to maintain.

A professional shredding service ensures that all documents are securely destroyed onsite to meet data protection regulations. This eliminates the risk of losing or misplacing sensitive documents, which can lead to expensive legal action and loss of customer confidence.

Managing document destruction in-house wastes employee resources, increases the potential for human error and creates security risks. Using a professional shredding service in Fort Collins removes the burden from employees and frees up time to focus on more important tasks. In addition, a reputable shredding company will recycle all the shredded paper so it isn’t added to landfills. This helps to support the environment, which is important for most businesses today. Many of these companies offer secure disposal containers to be placed in offices and a schedule for when those bins are to be emptied and the contents securely shredded.

Reduce Downtime

Having the right equipment and processes in place can significantly increase productivity. Removing unnecessary documents through shredding frees up space and enables companies to repurpose the area for revenue-generating activities.

Hiring a professional shredding company reduces downtime caused by having to manage your paper-based document disposal. Removing paper clips, staples, sticky notes, cardstock, and file folders, emptying the shredding receptacle, and cleaning up spilled bits of shredded material can easily eat into your workday.

Offsite paper shredding services involve securely transporting your documents in lockable receptacles to an AAA-certified facility where industrial-grade equipment destroys the data. Recurring pricing is customized based on your preferences, including service frequency, volume of shreds, number of bins used and geographical location. This eliminates the need for businesses to bear overhead costs for onsite shredding equipment. It also offers a more convenient experience than handling receptacles at the office.

Increase Productivity

When you hire a professional shredding company to handle your business’s waste paper, you can rest assured that sensitive client information, financial transactions, office documents and payroll will remain safe. This helps prevent privacy and security breaches that can be costly to your business.

Asking your team to spend time feeding confidential papers into in-office shredders robs them of valuable work-related productivity. Moreover, in-office shredders often have multiple issues like requiring frequent removal of folders, plastic sleeves, dividers and staples and clearing the inevitable paper jams.

Plus, keeping old documents in your filing system instead of shredding them may take employees much longer to find what they need because those files are crowded and hard to access. Hiring a professional shredding company eliminates this issue and frees up space in your filing cabinets, thus improving productivity. Most professional shredding companies offer per-pound and one-time services that are cost-effective for most businesses.

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