Networking Untouchables

As the word suggests, there are characters in networking that should not be approached. Networking involves building relationships, learning about others, professional and business development. But along the way, these objectives and goals can be skewed and result in not so successful outcomes for the savvy networker. This article is designed to identify those major hazards and avoid them at all costs.

Listed below are a few helpful tips for navigating around these types of personalities and getting the most productivity out of your networking.

The Quota Networker

This personality type is merely interested in making a quota. Usually a short term goal, they are more focused in gaining a sale, a new client or promoting a product, service or event. Although it is great to use networking and marketing to promote agendas, this personality trait takes it to the extreme. Sometimes, they can lure you in by asking you to a one on one meeting for investing or working opportunities. But the bottom line is reaching that quota. In turn, you are seen as a number or a figure rather than a human being. Warning signs include conversations focused on getting the bottom line or dialogue focused on incorporating into their team. Kindly decline the offer and move along to the next person or connection at a networking event.

The Selling Networker

This particular type just wants to make a sale. Almost similar to the personality type above but much more aggressive. Their view is to sell at any cost. Offering discounted rates, affiliate opportunities and other perks to seal the deal. Once again, networking is great for building business but that should not be the main focus. It is about building relationships and trust as well as camaraderie. This type of aggressive behavior is a huge and unwelcoming turn off. It can instantly shatter your credibility and future opportunities of doing good business and maintaining a healthy professional relationship. If you notice this type of personality, suggest changing the direction of the conversation and focusing on shared interests, overlapping networks or the actual networking event.

The Negative Networker

This personality type is only focused on the negative aspects of networking. They were probably recently laid off, had a career set back or find networking within itself challenging. Their conversations lead towards the not so bright side of networking. Although networking is not always rosy, it is still a useful and powerful business and social tool for advancement. It involves lots of dynamics for success, productive and profitability. If you do encounter this type of personality, show a little empathy and suggest the positive side of networking. Engage them in uplifting conversations and solutions to their current networking or career dilemmas. Many times, a different perspective can change the minds set of this particular personality type.

Hopefully, these few tips will lead you in the right direction for your networking efforts. Once you have spotted these types of personalities, proceed with caution and make the necessary adjustments to have a successful networking event.

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