Networking: How Much Is “Networking Dread” Costing You and What Can You Do About It?

Do you do any embarrassing things in business networking? Many of us who sell, at one time or another, might confess to some dozen or so common mistakes with business networking; these are just three of the top most regretful, most ineffective and sometimes embarrassing ones. If you find one describes you, read the brief remedy that anyone – introvert, shy or even extrovert – can easily put into action.

I don’t meet the people I want to meet.

– If this sounds like you, do you have a specific intention before you go to a networking event? Something as simple as “I’m going to meet three people who I don’t already know,” before you go, and you will find yourself shaking hands with three new people. If you tend to be shy or introverted, find a friend on when you arrive and ask for their help in making those introductions for you.

I leave an event disappointed with results.

– What kind of results have you identified? Networking does not equate to leaving an event with a “sale.” Results may mean an introduction to a prospect, or initiating a new relationship with a connector to others, or starting a conversation with someone about a potential collaboration. Back to you then the question is, what results do you want? You can turn zero results into a success if you are realistic and practical.

I forget business cards (or my calendar.)

– When this happens a person might make the deduction that your networking isn’t serious for business or even just plain isn’t serious. What reminder works for you when something coming up is important to you? How do you remember the birthday of clients? Or someone you love? Think of something that will work at least as good as this or better. You want to be remembered in the game of networking and the business card is one way – when you have them. Other recourses: carry a box of business cards in your car at all times or ask people you want to stay in touch with for their business card.

Before your next networking event, be prepared with these more productive, relaxing and confident approaches to get the results you want! Stay tuned for more Networking Dreads.

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