Network Marketing the Solution to the Economic Crisis (The Recession)?

True Job Security is an illusion. A job can only exist if there is a definite need for the company’s products and that particular job is absolutely necessary for the product or service to be delivered to the market. A job only exist if there is the need for the service and a person to deliver that service.

The same is true for Network Marketing, there must be a need for the service provided by that company.
Many Network Marketing and MLM Companies tend to concentrate heavily on health products as they recognize that there is a booming market for health products. But are these the solution to the economic crisis?

For Network Marketing to be the solution to the economic crisis it must have a product that is demanded which addresses the core (Heart) of the financial economic crisis. Some will do well with the health products but that does not address the financial crisis. It will replace some incomes short term but that will not entirely solve the economic crisis.

What will?

Financial Education, Investments, Cash Flow.
A product that helps creates wealth in all aspects of life; Financially, Physically and Mentally. This product will not only make its members wealthy now, but well into the future.

That is the best solution to the economic crisis by empowering any individual that truly uses it to become wealthy. The Brilliant product alone is not enough, in Network Marketing you must be able to effectively market the product, without effective marketing, a product no matter how wonderful it is cannot sell itself. The perfect combination is a professional marketing system and platform used to reach the world with a product to solve individual economic crises and the economic crisis at large.

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