How to Quote a Lawn Mowing Job – Different Pricing Approaches When Quoting on Jobs

If you are about to start out as a lawn mowing and gardening contractor then you may be wondering “How do I quote on different jobs that come my way?”

Basically, you have only two (2) ways to price a job, either by giving a fixed price to do the job, or by giving the prospect / customer the hourly dollar rate to complete the job.

In the case of a fairly simple lawn mowing job, you will find that most contractors will be charging their customers a fixed price to mow their lawns. The pricing will be determined largely by the area of grass and turf that needs to be mowed. Consideration will need to be given to the lawn’s size and layout and any obstacles to mowing the lawn.

Pricing of suburban lawns will be fairly straight-forward and easy, as you can sight the lawn and come up with a competitive price (there and then). This price is the price the customer pays all year round. Of course, you will service the lawn at different frequencies depending on the season or time of the year – that is, more frequently in summer and less in the cooler months. Lawn areas of larger properties will need to be stepped out or measured with a measuring wheel to calculate the lawn areas.

In the case of gardening work, you can give your customer or prospect a quote that is either a fixed price quotation or a price that is based on your hourly rate. Both these approaches still need to account for any add-ons like removing waste from the job to the local waste disposal station and tipping fees as well.

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