How to Get a Job on and What to Expect on an Offshore Oil Rig

Oil Rig Jobs aren’t hard to come by if you know where to look and how to start looking. You can, of course, try finding offshore jobs with the largest oil companies such as BP, Exxon, and Shell directly through their websites; but you will probably have more luck with an oil or well services company like Weatherford, Halliburton, Wood Group, Cudd, Boots and Coots, Etc. These types of companies are more apt to hire entry level people as helpers. You will then work with operators that specialize in such trades as Slickline, Pump, Tong, E-Line, Saw, Snubbing, Drilling, Coil Tubing and Boat Crews. This only scratches the surface of the varied types of work performed in the oil patch.

The pay is generally very attractive for entry level jobs when compared with similar non-oil industry work. Just be warned that most jobs that an entry level employee will obtain in the oil industry will be physically and sometimes mentally demanding. You have to have some grit and perseverance in you to succeed. If you have an adversity to tough and varied climate swings, being away from home for usually weeks at a time, problems working with other people of any color or ethnic background, frequent strenuous labor, do not apply. Whining and complaining is not a welcome trait on any offshore installation and will get you quickly run off. On the positive side, offshore jobs are very rewarding and exciting. There are hundreds of oil companies looking for people interested in offshore oil work at any time. I hope I can provide some helpful information to help you decide if working offshore is for you.

Most companies will provide major medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, 401K programs and profit sharing. Some companies have excellent training programs to help you move up the ladder from trainee slots to more lucrative positions. A recruiter may have contacts with companies in the energy industry and can possibly find you job opportunities before they post to the general public. These recruiters can be very helpful in knowing who is hiring and if they hire people with little to no experience. This keeps you from wasting your time. To be successful in seeking offshore employment, you must be willing to do what average and ordinary people are not willing to do.

We all know, and so do recruiters and company representatives that everyone embellishes their resume to an extent, but do not misrepresent yourself, your experience, or your skills. For example, do not claim to be a pipe welder if you’ve only had experience on plate. Or, do not claim to be a diesel mechanic if the only experience you have is doing oil changes and minor tune-ups in a garage. It is very important to not do that when speaking, e-mailing or corresponding with recruiters or a company representative. Embellishing on the above jobs will just make you look like a fool when it becomes apparent that you have no idea what your doing. There are however other jobs; for example Electric Wireline that deals with high explosives and highly pressurized tools, where not knowing what your doing can get you killed in the blink of an eye or worse, someone else. Offshore installations are dangerous places, safety and safe working habits is what is preached, pursued and practiced. You must live and breathe it. If not you will be breathing on land after you get run off if your lucky enough to be breathing at all. Offshore work involves long hours, working in all kinds of weather conditions and inherently dangerous situations. Once you get in and get some basic experience you can move into many different areas involved in all phases of the industry.

Whether they are oil industry jobs, natural gas jobs or energy jobs either on shore or offshore, companies are looking to hire the best, the brightest and the hardest workers available, and they are willing to pay top dollar to those who can hack it and live that lifestyle. This directory lists tons of oil employment websites that display job postings placed by large and small drilling companies, well service companies, maritime and oil companies. They have a program to help you write a sharp looking resume’ and will send it to 100’s of companies addresses.

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