How To Choose a Kitchen Range Hood

Range hoods all have a purpose in the kitchen, to rid the air of smoke, grease and other toxins from cooking and cleaning. There are many types of range hood designs so you can choose one that works aesthetically in your kitchen design while providing the necessary safety precautions. Here are five different types to help you choose which range hood will work best.

1. Wall-Mount Range Hood

A wall mounted range hood is attached directly to the wall above your stove top. Typically placed 24 to 36 inches above the surface of your range, this type of hood is one of the most common and can come in various styles to match your kitchen. Fire protection systems New York can provide detailed information about which type of wall-mount range hood might be best in your space.

2. Under-Cabinet Range Hood

This type of range hood can replace a microwave that may have been above the stove top. It mounts inside the surrounding cabinets and must be measured accurately to fit in, which may require a custom design.

3. Island or Ceiling-Mount Range Hood

A stunning and bold decorative element in the kitchen, ceiling-mount range hoods are typically seen placed over an island stove top. This style will be larger than the top of the cooking surface and most need a duct that leads to the exterior of the house. While looking amazing, they still provide the protection you’re looking for in the kitchen.

4. Microwave Range Hood

If you have a small kitchen, this may be the choice for you. When you install a microwave above the range, it can have ventilation built in. This allows you to have a microwave and range hood all in one, which takes up much less space. This type of range hood recirculates the air it takes in, so the air will be sent back into your home. While this isn’t the most ideal type of circulation, it may be the only choice for some kitchens.

5. Downdraft Range Hood

This type of range hood may be the least effective since smoke rises and these are placed at the level of your cooking surface. They’re not as powerful as the other types of range hoods either, but they can be pop-up vents, which may appeal to those who don’t want to look at their range hood.

No matter which type of range hood you choose, they all work to keep your kitchen air cleaner and purer for you to breathe well.