Herbalife Scam – The Need To Know Truth About Herbalife

Herbalife truly is a company gone international with distributors in 65 countries. Don’t let this figure fool you into not investigating the truths surrounding the Herbalife scam.

The Herbalife scam is real and what follows is a quick summary of why you might want to avoid this company.

A) All Scams Have Their Beginnings

Founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes (who died at the young age of 44, was an avid consumer of his own products and whose dead body was found with substantial levels of alcohol and sleeping pills), Herbalife is now over 25 years old and boasts 1.5 million distributors in 65 countries.

Well, that statistic is proof that the company’s promises of unlimited earning potential and world class nutritional and supplemental products certainly grabs the attention of potential prospects. But what happens to most of these prospects once they become distributors?

B) Sucking You Dry

It wouldn’t be right to ignore the positive attributes of the company while touting a Herbalife scam, so here are some good things:

  • Low startup costs – around $108 for the standard opportunity pack, $78 or so for the mini-pack
  • Minimal risks
  • No experience necessary (this attribute sells a lot of people on Herbalife)

Now, the above costs are not much. However, once you become an independent distributor you will be bombarded by your sponsor to buy thousands of dollars worth of products in your first month or two under the basic premise that you’ll be in profit within only a couple of weeks due to the enormous demand for the company products, no problem.

Wrong, there is a big problem.

According to Herbalife corporate, the average distributor’s 2006 earnings per month was $5,100, and from what I have heard recently that figure is expected to drop for 2007. I feel that this is a decent average to report, however, let’s take a look at the following:

  • Close to only 1% of Herbalife distributors are responsible for earning over 85% of the company’s wealth – that means near 99% of the company is fighting for the remaining 15% of sales that make up the billion dollar Herbalife empire

These are not the percentages you want to see when considering a multi-level marketing company. Additionally:

  • Herbalife products, on average, are sold at 30% more than the very same product with the very same ingredients, only with a different name, at most nutritional stores

What does this mean? It means supply and demand go out the window and so does your invested money. Nobody is going to pay the lopsided prices the company dictates unless they are not aware of the many competitive, cheaper products out there. As a result, you won’t be making many sales.

C) The Larger Picture

Although me and many others out there believe the Herbalife scam is real, I will admit that the compensation plan is fairly rewarding. It is rewarding for those who along with the people they sign up can sell massive volumes of product in order to make up for the small profit on each individual product.

For anyone not interested in the Herbalife scam, try to find a company that rewards you for your sales immediately, without having to pass up any to your sponsor.

Lightning Quick Financial Success

The Herbalife scam is real, avoid it like the plague. Regardless of which products or programs you decide to promote, the number one key to phenomenal financial success online is mastering effective marketing strategies. A mentor can help you to do this, so always be on the lookout for one.

Once you know how to market effectively and believe in the product you are marketing, you will absolutely succeed!

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