Cover Letter Advice – Don’t Just Simply Apply Them – Some Good, Some Bad

By far, the most useful and practical cover letter advice that can be given to any job seeker would be; knowing the particular company that you’re applying in first. Regardless of how well you think you can write a cover letter or how well you know a company, there are still such issues as appearing too arrogant or innocent in your letters.

There is such a thing as overkill and under kill when it comes to composing the letter. You’d have to keep in mind that each company you’re applying into are looking for unique and highly motivated individuals that will fit the bill. So it’s an acceptable percentage that out of the 100% percent total percentage of companies that you’ll be submitting those cover letters to, only about 33% will respond. It’s absolutely normal for this condition to occur and don’t let this discourage your efforts.

There are so many tips and cover letter advice that can be given, sadly not all of them will be useful to you. Know why? Because as effective as they can be, they take the concept into a generalized form. Now, this really won’t be a problem if all of us all companies are looking for the exact same qualities in their employees. Confidence for one is something that is not as easy to put into paper as compared to all of your other enticing qualities. And how well you know the company that you’re applying into will give you better results than just “mass producing” you cover letters and expecting the same results for each one.

So how do you exude unique confidence to every company that you’ll be submitting those cover letters then? Well, for one, effective cover letter advice like not including your negative will prove to be quite advantageous. There are also limits to how honest you can be when it comes to introducing yourself to companies, so feel free to leave out any negative characteristics that you might have that will basically put you at the bottom of the pack.

In some cover letter advice you will read, they will tell you to lie. This is absolutely wrong. Don’t follow the advice as you may regret it later. You’d have to be honest and truthful to any fact that you give while minimizing the negatives that you might divulge about yourself. Remember, even a “white lie” can turn around and bite you in the end later on, so stay away from them as much as possible.  State the facts straight while maintaining honesty and minimizing negatives, this will produce much better results in the end.

As a reminder and conclusion, following the right cover letter advice can make all the difference when you’re trying to land the perfect job. Analyze the advices first before even trying it your self. Some may do more harm then good. The good advice can give you the extra point that you need to stand out from the job seeker crowd. Remember that getting a job is not so hard and it’s not going to be easy of either, You will need the right aspiration, ideas, and information on your side before landing the job.

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