Business Management Security Tips to Counter Internal Fraud

In business it is vital to have good business management security in place. As a business owner it would be suicidal to overlook the fact that fraud would take place in your company. Whether you are conducting a big or a small business it is imperative for organizations to take decisive measures and put structures to control fraud. Companies are established in order to make money therefore when they loose the same from fraudsters it becomes vital to find ways to counter the vice.

The main fraud control measure that a business management security department can adopt would be to institute strong internal control operating systems. Apart from these systems acting as a detective measure, they should also be a preventive measure against fraud. The management must seek to ensure that the control systems are updated continuously.

Organization should emphasize on 100% storage availability of supporting documents and complete documentation of each transaction. It is from these documents that auditors collect information and are able to detect any acts of fraud.

Keen interest should be taken on unusual transactions at the end of each financial period for these usually have major implications on the company’s earnings. Employees may take advantage of this period to forge by entering false records or omit some transactions, for they know the books of accounts are usually closed and new ones opened at this particular time.

As much as it is advisable for employees to be trusted with company’s resources, not all vital information should be left to the staff. Instead the company’s business management security ought to handle the most sensitive documents; this will help counter and monitor fraud cases.

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