5 Secrets to Becoming A Guest On Top TV Talk Shows

We can easily forgive a child for being afraid of the dark, but the real tragedy in life is when adults are afraid of the light. – Plato

IMAGINE you were sleeping wearily on your bed, your mind gazing shrilly on a dream you’d once had years ago while still growing up as a child – the dream of becoming a media guru, a top show TV presenter in one of the popular media outfits.

But as it is now, maybe twenty years or so after, all that dream, all that hope and aspiration now seems to be a mirage of a lonely desert, totally unreachable, far-fetched and out of sight!

So in grinding defeat, you buried your face in your hands like a wretched demon on a graveyard, yawned and wasted your thoughts in your spacious, elegantly or perhaps not-so-elegantly decorated Renaissance bedroom!

A bedroom lacking decoration, a bedroom where there were no twenty-seven-years-old paintings or artworks hanging anywhere in sight. It was plain, dark walls steering at you with sizeable evidence of your failure.

In fact, it was as if you were living in the now-Hades-of-your-dream!

So you heaved heavily over the tragic death of the dream of ever becoming a media celebrity, perhaps in one of these popular media outlets like CNN, BBC, Voice of America, you name it!

Worse of, maybe you are even a graduate of Mass Communication, or of Literature-In-English in one of the world-acclaimed institutions but you are not having it funny.

Or maybe like me, you have little or no degree of any higher institution whatsoever that, perhaps, might grant you the interview of a well definable, humblest job!

Whatever be the case, you staggered fuzzily through the vault of your mind and thought of what life would look like if you were a media celebrity, a perfect picture of what you’d long envisioned since Adam such as…

A masterpiece of opulence and Jacuzzis, living in a crisp environment where the air is clean and invigorating, in an architectural bullet-building overlooking the White House with exquisite furniture, Australian wines, Brazilian champagnes and more like that of Oprah Winfrey, Larry King etc.

But as it is now, your lifestyle, if compared with these top TV personality make yours seems pretty much like a giant cathedral of poverty and hunger.

You are far off from “living the life of the rich and the arrived.”

The hope of having the material good of life, of amassing enough money to buy the car of your choice, of living in an apartment of your choosing and starting a business of your own seems to be drenched.

Yes, totally drenched!

But then suddenly, having given up on your dream of becoming a media personality, and while you were musing over your predicament, of how tough life could be after many years of working your fingers to the sun, the phone rings…

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