Wholesale eBay Suppliers – How to Recognize Wholesale eBay Supply Frauds

Big business on eBay has become the sale of products. Hundreds of people have chosen to work at this from home; either part time or full time. Hundreds of thousands; even millions, of people from all over the world visit the eBay site every day.

Genuine and reliable wholesale suppliers are the first thing you need in order to sell profitably on eBay. Successful and profitable sales on eBay are almost always the result of market research by the seller and the support of a reputable and reliable supplier of wholesale goods that you are able to sell. Search results for wholesale suppliers are usually dominated by the fraudulent wholesalers that exist out there. The distributor that is a fraud is playing the role of middleman as he tries to put himself out there as a legitimate wholesaler.

Many others try to convince us they are part of a dealer network that manages all the brand name products out there. There is a huge possibility these are nothing but lies and scams. The scammer simply builds a website that positions itself as an important organization between retailers and legitimate distributors. They make their money from charging for their unnecessary services as the go-between. As a result, the retailer makes considerably less on the products he sells.

Many of the directories and wholesale lists of distributors available on the Internet are also totally worthless. They may come across as legitimate when they assure you of wholesale prices, guarantees and instant business success. However, money is taken from the retailer with nothing in return except for leads to fake distributor after fake distributor for the products they thought they had purchased.

This is so far away from true wholesaler supply. Success in your home-based business using the Internet to arrange for the dropshipping of products sold to an end customer depends on finding a legitimate wholesaler that will do the drop shipping you need.

Only real contact over the phone or face to face with these wholesale distributors will enable you to confirm the willingness of the wholesaler to work with you. The only way anyone can profit from the sale of factory authorized products is to locate a distributor that will do the dropshipping you will need. Locating these companies takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.

Sure, it may be difficult to find that one dropshipper to support your business; but, once you do, it will be golden. You will then really be starting to pull in some profit. Most importantly, legitimate wholesaler drop shippers are not usually found through Yahoo, Google or eBay itself. They are found through your own hard work and perseverance.

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