Is Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Worth the Purchase?

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Choosing the right metal for an engagement ring is just as important as selecting the perfect center stone. Some people may downplay the importance of the shank or ring band, saying that it is just a piece of metal.

But unknown to them, your chosen metal is very vital in the overall appearance of your engagement ring. This is especially true if you pick a center stone that is as brilliant as a diamond.

When we talk about ring shanks, or just commonly known as ring bands, we are dealing with the piece of metal that encircles the finger and holds the precious stone. Some people opt for just plain ring bands as wedding rings, but an engagement ring always has a center stone to it.

A 14carat yellow gold ring band for a diamond engagement ring for example is a great combination for its regal and sophisticated look. Yellow gold ring tends to be an underrated choice to pair with a precious stone, but this should not be the case.

In terms of popularity, platinum and white gold rings are some of the top choices where a precious stone is set on. This is because the neutral colors of these rings are a great match for the color and sparkle of a diamond stone.

But you see, sometimes, there is beauty in choosing the underrated and traditional. Say for example you live in Dallas, Texas, you will see a lot of people probably donning a platinum diamond ring.  But if you pick a 14carat yellow gold diamond engagement ring in Dallas, you will have a unique jewelry sparkling on your finger.

Furthermore, there have also been more improvements to the options you can get with this ring shank. Nowadays, you can get either a regular shiny or matte finish. A shiny finish on a yellow gold engagement ring will give a classic look, while a matte finish gives a more modern flair to it.

But specifically, here are more reasons why a yellow gold diamond engagement ring can be worth the purchase for you and your partner.

1.     Accentuates the diamond center stone.

No matter what the color of the diamond stone is, a yellow gold ring band will look great with it. Whether you want a colorless diamond or a colored stone, the yellow color of the ring will have a great effect on the stone. If you look closely, you can see that the golden color is somehow reflected on the diamond. This gives a certain allure to the overall look of the engagement ring.

2.     Cheaper than white gold and platinum.

A great selling point of a yellow gold engagement ring is its price. When compared to the price tags of a white gold and platinum, yellow gold is significantly cheaper. Platinum is generally more expensive than any type of gold because it is rarer, so there is some sort of higher demand to it. Meanwhile, white gold is also more expensive than yellow gold because it undergoes a more complex manufacturing process.

So if you compare diamond rings having the same stone but different shank, the yellow gold diamond engagement ring can be a cheaper choice. The great thing is, it may be cheaper but it isn’t less beautiful.

3.     Pairs well with various clothing styles.

A unique yellow gold diamond engagement ring will complement most fashion styles of different colors. So no matter what you have in your wardrobe, matching up will not be a dilemma for you.

Whether you are attending a formal event or just having a brunch with your friends, this jewelry can blend in with whatever you wear. But of course its sparkle will always be a center of attraction.

4.     Yellow color is symbolic.

Apart from being cheaper and more stylish, the advantage of this ring is its color. Yellow symbolizes hope, renewal, and wealth. That is why it would be a great choice for a couple because it signifies prosperity and passion in starting a new chapter.

A yellow gold diamond engagement ring is definitely worth the purchase. But at the end of the day, it will be your choice of purchase to make. Whether you choose it or not, any ring can represent your love to your partner. But perhaps, choose something as classic and unique as a 14carat yellow gold diamond engagement ring in Dallas.

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