What to Do If Your Garage Door Won’t Open

I am sure when you got your door installed for the first time. The salesperson must have told you that the carport door you purchased is robust and can withstand all sorts of weather conditions. Now, just after six months of use, your door won’t open! Was it a bad buy or a faulty piece that you got?

The answer is probably no. Carport doors are designed and made to last long, and they do work fine in all extreme climatic conditions. Although carport doors repair is not very expensive, before you call A1 Garage a professional door repair in Meridian to fix it, you can check on a few things that will probably make it work.

Check The Power

Most people tend to overlook the fact that there is a motor involved in the operation which needs electricity. Sometimes the fuse gets blown, or a pet accidentally unplugs the power cable from its outlet, which results in an inoperative mechanism. What you need to do is check if the power cable is plugged in the socket. If there is a circuit breaker installed, do check that. If it is tripped, reactivate it. This will solve your problem.

Check Cable

Although this is unlikely, you should check your power supply cable for any damage. The power cable is very robust and will not break easily. But in case of vandalism or a prank when someone physically cuts it, the chances of it breaking up are very slight. If you can …