Billionaire Entrepreneur Niraj Goel Set to Launch Singapore Innovation League

Billionaire entrepreneur and innovator Niraj Goel is ready with his latest offering – the Singapore Innovation League. What is this league about and what is the purpose behind its launch? Well, Niraj, who has risen from the ground up all by himself, has strong views about giving back to the society. After making billion of dollars worth empire, he is all set to help others to nurture their own dreams!

Singapore Innovation League:

The Singapore Innovation League will be launched on 4th July 2014, coincidentally the Independence Day of the United States of America. This league is being launched with a view to make Singapore the innovation and technology capital of the entire world. In this way, Singapore will become a major hub of technology, on the lines of Silicon Valley of the US and other major technological and innovation hubs in the world.

More about the project:

The total corpus of the league has been set at around SGD 1.5 billion and is aimed at helping close to 500 companies with proven potential. Each company which is qualified will receive SGD 3 million or around USD 2.4 million as funding. Such a huge amount of capital will be enough to give them a major boost and catapult them into the league of who’s who of domestic as well as global business players.

Who knows that the next big technology company may come from Singapore? Well, with so much of funds in their kitties, mainly thanks to Goel, this might be even possible! He is making investment of SGD 1.5 billion from his personal capacity. By doing this, he has joined the list of world’s biggest billionaires who have donated oodles for charity.

More about Niraj Goel

Goel is an NRI entrepreneur, innovator and visionary based out in Singapore. He has multiple innovations to his name, mainly in the financial technology and insurance sectors. Thanks to his sustained efforts for several years, he has amassed a personal fortune worth billions of dollars. He has surpassed even some of the household names in India when it comes to the size of total personal wealth.

After reaching the top, Niraj decided to give back to the society. He has set up multiple trusts in order to help the poor kids, needy, and old age individuals. His latest offering to the society is a venture capital corpus, with which he intends to lend much needed help to the aspiring entrepreneurs! His support might prove to be crucial considering the fact that countless new ventures happen to struggle on account of paucity of funds.

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