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You’d never think a website about Donald Trump could be this much fun.


You’d never think a website about Donald Trump could be this much fun.

Donald Trump has been ominpresent in the media these last few months. Not a lot of right-minded people have time for his inane rhetoric and scaremongering, but we reckon people will find time for this.

The website is simply called and all it contains is an image of the aforementioned Mr Trump and also a trumpet. How is that fun you ask?

Well, all you need to do is move the trumpet with your cursor and marvel at how his eyes move to follow the trumpet. Click and it blows Donald’s magnificently coiffeured barnet in all directions depending on the angle of the instrument.

It’s a strangely hypnotic effect which has sorted out a lot of issues in our own heads.

Get ready to have your teeny tiny mind blown…

On this week’s episode of The JOE Show, international mentalist Keith Barry joined us on the sofa to FREAK EVERYBODY OUT, while Little Hours wowed us all with a stunning live performance. Plus, a sweet potato made a very special guest appearance.


Kymann and Dara went head-to-head as they showed off their not-so-supercool skateboarding skillz, Maria Kelly performed a fantastic Fleetwood Mac Magic Cover, Justine dug deep at this year’s Ploughing Championships, while Eoin from Shifts went on a pretty emotional fitness journey.


Grab the tissues, you’re going to need them.



While you’re here – have you seen this week’s JOE Show?

Paddy and Orlaith chat with the Irish teacher whose song ‘Míol, Mór, Mara’ features on the new FIFA ’18 soundtrack – the first ever time an Irish-titled song has appeared on a major video game OST.

Mundy dropped into to perform the song that launched his career, ‘To You I Bestow’ and explain how he blew a massive royalty cheque in Dublin.

Justine heads to Oktoberfest, Dara & Kymann take on one of Ireland’s toughest adventure races and Shifts travel back in time to find out what happened the day Michael Collins was assassinated.

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