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Trump Is Seriously Too Stupid To See Why The Whole World Is Laughing At His Latest Tweet


Trump Is Seriously Too Stupid To See Why The Whole World Is Laughing At His Latest Tweet

Trump started the morning with a bang…of cocaine (allegedly)..and a couple of dumbass tweets. I covered those, very angrily, because that stupid sh*t makes me mad and because I own a blog so therefore, I can. Then, because he’s an imbecile, he followed it up with a tweet so ridiculous I just couldn’t help but do a second Trump tweet story in as many hours.
I know…the humanity. Still, this one is pretty damned stupid:

Where does one even begin with this utter silliness? Let’s go with the obvious. The Russia connection to Mike Flynn is fake news. Paul Manafort…fake news. Russian connections to anyone associated with Trump are all fake news because the news is all fake and biased and trying to make Trump look bad. Fox news? Unprecedented!!!

What an asshole.

Fox News is nothing but the propaganda arm of the Republican party, using attractive, scantily clothed, mostly blonde women to cater to a bunch of 68-year-old men looking for 2 things: being pissed off and wardrobe malfunctions. Their sources, who are almost always unnamed, have all exonerated Trump from any wrongdoing ever and have instead confirmed that even though it’s a giant crock of sh*t that nobody else can prove, Trump was the subject of illegal surveillance.

Trump and his team are under investigation by the FBI for a good reason. They’re crooked. They have no business in government and it’s highly likely they were placed there by a foreign interest. This administration is corruption personified. The very premise of the Fox “report” is ludicrous and everyone but the Trumpsters knows it.

But alas…62 million pieces of American sh*t think he’s just great and are rather enjoying their newfound freedom to be racist, xenophobic douchebags. Through lying, cheating, gerrymandering, voter suppression and fraud they’ve stacked the deck so the minority rules in America. Their leader — an abusive, shallow, stupid f*ck with the IQ of a rotten avocado — is the final solution to the problem of people getting smarter in this country.

If we don’t figure this out and find a way to get Democrats off of their asses to vote in the midterm elections, we’re done. We may be able to get through 2 years while they fight amongst themselves, but come 2018, the powers that be will buy the seats of those who won’t cooperate and we’ll see a wave of oligarchy and corruption the likes of which the world has never known.

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