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WATCH: Mayor Tells Al Sharpton That Trump Is Trying To Make Him A “Fugitive Slave Catcher”


WATCH: Mayor Tells Al Sharpton That Trump Is Trying To Make Him A “Fugitive Slave Catcher”

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There are so many ironies within this story that it’s almost impossible to know where to begin. Obviously the optics of two black men one speaking about “slavery” in such a pejorative way and other a lying tax cheat pretending to be a news host on MSNBC a dysfunctional cable news show that has even progressives shaking their heads in disbelieve at how unprofessional, shallow and misleading the news coverage has become with unscrupulous hosts like Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow apparently still on the air.

However back to the optics of Newark Mayor Res Barka referencing sanctuary cities and apparently his thoughtless and abusive metaphor in describing a period within our history that he should obviously be sensitive about and mindful of his words, in that it’s never a good idea to fashion your ideology around a historical event of such personal devastation’s of life and death, with that of a contemporary political issue like immigration by stating; “because you won’t break rank and do what you said, [be] a fugitive slave kind of” catcher.


Moreover, Mayor Berka has been the mayor of Newark since 2014 and presides over a city with an unemployment rate of 7.5% while the national average is currently at 4.8%.

And a city that has one of the highest crime rates in the nation and although Newark has seen a marked improvement in recent years thanks in part to an increase in hiring more police, Newark is still an urban nightmare, and according to NJTV the city of Newark in 2015 reported 105 murders, which amounted to 37-homicides per 100,000 residents.

Now compare those numbers with New York City just across the Hudson River with a population of roughly 8.5 million people, where within the same year (2015) 348-homicides were committed, which breaks down to 4-homicides per 100,000 residents.

Simply stated Mayor Barka would be wise in ignoring a race baiting tax cheat like Sharpton where the only thing he’s ever run, is his mouth, and actually get on board the TRUMP TRAIN, and follow the law.
The “working poor” in Newark are mainly American and African-American shouldn’t compete for jobs with illegal aliens…that’s truly “un-American’!

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Source: Legal Insurrection

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