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Trump’s Daughter-In-Law Breaks Her Silence, Comes Forward With Stunning Announcement


Trump’s Daughter-In-Law Breaks Her Silence, Comes Forward With Stunning Announcement

As per our earlier article regarding this subject, Lara Trump has been attacked by the left multiple time according to her husband, Eric Trump. Lara Trump is currently 7 months pregnant, making it that much more disgusting that she has been a victim of these attacks. Why the liberals have chosen her as one of their main targets is up for debate, but if you can come up with a good reason please let us know. It’s starting to look like the left will go after anyone that can relate to President Donald Trump in any way.

We know that they ultimate goal right now is to get Trump out of office. In order to do that, they have shown that they are not afraid the lie about him, his administration and most disturbingly, his innocent family. Everyone in his family, from Barron to Ivanka, has faced some sort of unneeded hate from the left. Now it looks like they are focusing their efforts on Lara Trump.

After actor Johnny Depp went off on the president, saying things that make it look like he could assassinate Trump, Lara went off. She explained just how far the hate goes and what needs to be done to stop it. “It really does speak to a bigger problem, which is that this sort of thing has been normalized,” she explained while on Fox News.

She eventually goes on to name names and say exactly what needs to happen in order for these attacks to stop. People like Kathy Griffin, who think they are too famous to see prison time, attack and threaten the president because they think they can get away with it. And the sad part is that for the most part, they can.

Very rarely do we see liberals getting in trouble for things they say against the President or his family. Maybe it is about time that changes. Trump’s family has nothing to do with him or his policies. They need to be left alone to live their lives in peace. We did not see this kind of hate against Obama.

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