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President Trump’s $10 Billion Russian Laundering Scandal Link Exposed By Maddow


President Trump’s $10 Billion Russian Laundering Scandal Link Exposed By Maddow

Ten billion dollars is a lot of money. But that is exactly how much investigators believe was laundered by Russian officials. In fact, as Rachel Maddow reports, Deutsche Bank, the bank that has lent $300 million to President Donald Trump, has been thrown into the spotlight for allegations of engaging in money laundering with Russian criminals with ties to the Kremlin.
The Deutsche Bank scheme has been dubbed the “The Global Laundromat” by law enforcement officials. Maddow also reports that many of the accounts found within the money laundering scheme belong to friends or family members of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Earlier this year, Deutsche Bank reviewed the $300 million in multiple loans issued to President Donald Trump on the down low, in order to see if there was Russian connection, but sources report that the bank would not comment if there were.
Last week, it was announced that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner tried to establish a private line of communication between Trump and the Russian officials. It seems as though there is a lot going on between the Russians and the Trump team even though Trump denies such ties.
However, Rachel Maddow just tied Trump to the money laundering scandal. The link? Wilbur Ross United States Commerce Secretary. Ross was the only American to work at that bank. Maddow uses the perfect example. “What if you stole a bunch of money, imagine you were a thief.” That’s exactly what has been going on here. It also begs the question of where this money came from. Naturally, once could assume that the money came from illegal activity, such as drug or organized crime. The fact that the current President of the United States is involved in a scandal of this magnitude is disturbing. According to Maddow, the Russian central bank fined Deutsche Bank $5,000. A measly $5000 for laundering $10 billion. Sounds like Russia doesn’t take these crimes too seriously. However, in America, people go to jail for a long time for committing similar crimes.

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