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Trump wants to force us into paying for a $70 billion border wall that was his idea


Trump wants to force us into paying for a $70 billion border wall that was his idea

Once again, Donald Trump is breaking promises and putting all of our safety at risk. Even though he promised that we would not have to pay for his wall, he’s now holding the federal government hostage to try and push it through. With the estimated cost of the wall ballooning to as much as 70 billion dollars, Trump is asking Congress to pass a budget that would prioritize paying for his pet project.

Donald Trump wants Americans to pay for his border wall but his budget proposals cut the basic needs that really keep us safe. While he uses scare tactics to try and convince Americans to waste $70 billion on the wall, he’s threatening to slash funding for things like after-school programs that keep our kids safe and Meals on Wheels, which protect the elderly from the threat of poverty. Plus, he wants to cut environmental and civil rights protections. with cuts to the EPA and the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ.

We can’t afford to waste our money on a making Trump’s campaign promises real. Tell your member of Congress: No Money for the Border Wall.

This is the message we’ll send to your members of Congress on your behalf.

Dear Member of Congress,

I am asking you to take a stand and say no to funding Trump’s border wall. The wall could cost as much as $70 billion and is not worth the cost to taxpayers. Trump promised voters they would not pay for the wall and he should be held to that commitment.

Overall, Trump’s budget proposals are dangerous and threaten the safety and livelihoods of some of the most vulnerable Americans. We should not be asked to sacrifice things like meals for the elderly and after school programs for kids to fund Donald Trump’s useless pet projects.

Stand up to Trump and tell him no money for the border wall.



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