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WATCH – This Trump Video is Going Massively Viral and It’s Making People Cry


WATCH – This Trump Video is Going Massively Viral and It’s Making People Cry

Donald Trump has developed a reputation for being a hardliner, and some get put off by it. However, the more you get to know the man the more appealing he becomes. A new video illustrates this.

A black female executive who has been a long-time employee of the Trump family is speaking out about how inclusive Trump truly is. This is yet another example of how, unlike our current president, this man’s words are backed up by his way of life.
Lynne Patton is the director of the Eric Trump Foundation, and she knows first hand the effects of racism when she sees it. She is a proud employee of the Trump family, and if she had encountered any sort of racism from this man or his family she would have ran the other way.

Part of the reason is because of her long history with racism. Her father lived during the racial discord of Birmingham, Alabama during the 1950’s. She not only says the Trump foundation is not racist, she also says it is one of the best companies for a minority individual to work for.
Patton further explains the issues that her boss espouses. She says that building a border wall is not racist, nor is it racist to put a moratorium on the immigration system.

Like Miss Patton says, it is simply keeping our country safe.

If you were to believe everything Hillary Clinton has said, as well as most of the mainstream media, you would think Donald Trump was a card-carrying member of the KKK and a complete sexist. Luckily, for all of us, these statements and videos continue to come out from people that actually know Donald Trump, versus those using soundbites to paint a picture of him.

Every candidate in this race has been going for blood. Hillary and her army of female liberals are now carpet bombing Trump and every insult and slam is being applauded, and they expect Trump to merely sit back and take it without defending himself.

The moment Trump makes an accusation about Bill’s sordid past and how Hillary helped him cover it up, he is a sexist. But the funny thing is, he is just telling the truth!

Let’s keep the TRUTH coming folks, because those of us that already support Trump know the REAL Donald Trump. Now we just need to make sure everyone else dismisses all the misinformation about him and starts to see how much good he will do this country if he is elected President of the United States.
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