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BREAKING: Trump Revealed EVERY Social Security Recipients Will Now Receive THIS Much Monthly


BREAKING: Trump Revealed EVERY Social Security Recipients Will Now Receive THIS Much Monthly

Presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures to the crowd gathered in front of the Trump Tower ahead of the passing of pope’s motorcade Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, in New York. (AP Photo/Kevin Hagen)

President Trump cares for every single American, and with his latest announcement he showed social security recipients that he has definitely not forgotten about them! Trump discussed about the problems associated with social security recipients during his presidential campaign and promised to take care of it, so now he’s realizing that promise!

The President announced modest payment increases, boosting the average monthly payment for $1,360 for single recipients. The payment for married couples will be increased by $2,260.

Washington is full of good news, and the best is yet to come. Well, that’s why we elected Donald Trump for President, right? It seems like Washington will offer a lot more than this. It’s time to help Social security recipients who need a job. These people will finally enjoy better opportunities.
As confirmed by several sources, Americans who need a job will now have an opportunity to earn a lot more than before, and of course, that won’t affect their benefits.
People under 65 can earn up to $16,920 in 2017. Americans older than 66 can earn up to $44,880. That’s a $3,000 jump from 2016. That’s what we’re talking about the whole time. These people never experienced high benefits, and they ended paying tall penalties. Now Americans will be able to earn without being forced to pay if they earn too much. The penalties will drop in 2017, and that’s a new twist in the story of every American.
Americans under 65 will give $1 for every $2 that goes above the maximum earnings. Those who are older than 66, but haven’t retired yet, will give $1 for every $3 they earn over the limit. After the retiring, the limits are off. Americans will also receive their money back.

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