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Trump Releases HIS Plan For the 2nd Amendment… Leaves MILLIONS Outraged


Trump Releases HIS Plan For the 2nd Amendment… Leaves MILLIONS Outraged

Millions of people around the country are getting ready to EXPLODE over Donald Trump’s plan for the 2nd Amendment. All we can say is those whiners need to grow up, shut up, and get on board the Trump train — because it’s not stopping any time soon!

The idea of the second amendment seems simple, right? We have the right to bear any and all arms. We are happy to announce that Trump has been working hard to get that message across to this nation since his election.

Trump stated: “The right to keep and bear arms protects all of our other rights.” (via Breitbart). That statement is absolutely wonderful to hear. Remember the millions of people who are outraged by Trump’s view on the second amendment? Take one guess how they feel about gun control.

We currently live in a country where the left HONESTLY believe that they have the right to tell people whether or not they are allowed to have guns. This is insanity, plain and simple. They think that they are allowed to legislate based on emotions rather than facts — no wonder they get crushed when they are debated.

These same people that are SO concerned about whether or not people have guns will gladly stand on the grave of shooting victims to prove their point.

The level of disrespect in acting like that cannot even be measured. If you try to disagree with them they will often say “You must not care about the victims of [insert trending tragedy here].” What a joke.

We DO care about the people of our country. Some of the tragedies that have happened over the past 20 years have been horrible. And many of them could have been prevented if a gun-carrying patriot had been on the scene.

However, one fact still remains: The 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution states that we all have the right, and the PROTECTION of that right, no matter what liberals say. You cannot regulate guns because they make you uncomfortable.

We are beyond happy to say that OUR president stands for the truth. He will not let the left scare us into giving up our guns. The problem is, people are focusing on emotions rather than facts. A great example of this line of thinking can be found whenever you hear someone say “We need to ban all assault rifles!” You ask why and they respond,”Because so many people have been hurt by them! They are so dangerous!” This statement is pure emotion — nothing but sensationalized propaganda.

If they actually cared about stopping guns that hurt people, they would want to ban handguns, not assault rifles. Statistically, the number of people killed by handguns versus assault rifles vary greatly. But you never hear anyone mention banning handguns specifically, unless they are talking about gun control as a whole.

These same people will also never take into consideration that having open carry can save lives. If someone tries to rob a store, and they see someone with a gun on their hip, they could potentially change their mind. Even if they do not change their mind, they can be stopped by the person with the gun. This is going to save the lives of everyone else in the store, as opposed to another massacre.

All in all, it is safe to say our guns are not going ANYWHERE. Thanks, President Trump!

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