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Trump makes major move to protect US citizens – Media Refusing To Report


Trump makes major move to protect US citizens – Media Refusing To Report

The mainstream media is a sick shell of what they once were. It seems like they have little to no regard for anyone not agreeing with them.

Fox News is reporting that President Trump has cut the number of refugees coming into our country in HALF. Statistics show that when Obama was in office, we let 25,000 refugees right in our front door, no questions asked. Now, the vetting process IS working.


Up until this point, the countries where the most refugees have come from have been Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Myanmar, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Two of these countries also happen to be a part of Trump’s (now infamous) travel ban.

The travel ban was signed into law via an executive order shortly after Trump’s inauguration. The order put a temporary ban on refugee admissions from specific countries like Iraq and Syria. As you can imagine, the left went wild. There were protests in the streets, people were obstructing airports — how pathetic.


Liberals are claiming that by enacting this travel ban, Trump is causing problems for travelers around the world, and promoting “racist” behavior. If the left were SO worried about how people were going to travel, they wouldn’t be harassing the airlines, and causing people to miss their flights!

Eventually, the travel ban was shot down by the 9th Circuit Court, but Trump persisted with his America-first initiative. He sent the legislation straight to the Supreme Court — maybe, finally, this issue will find resolution.

It looks like the number of refugees entering our country each month is set to drop drastically over the next several years. It’s crucial for us to keep refugee numbers under control.

In March, Trump asked the Secretary of State to deliver a full report on the long-term operating costs of the United States Refugee Admissions Program at the federal, state, and local levels.

The president, during his campaign, told us he was going to start focusing on AMERICA again. So far, we’re beyond pleased. We NEED this kind of motivation in our country. We needed this to get some of the patriots up out of their ruts after a devastating eight years under President Obama.

You have to admire Trump for his vision for the future, and the way it all seems to be coming together — despite the left trying to throw a wrench in the gears every step of the way. Together, the patriots of this country can overcome ANYTHING they try to throw at us. We’ll see a sharp drop in our refugee numbers, and our country is going to come alive like never before.


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