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Trump and Obama Haven’t Spoken To Each Other Since Inauguration Day, Can You Guess Why?


Trump and Obama Haven’t Spoken To Each Other Since Inauguration Day, Can You Guess Why?

Former presidents have a small fraternity with each other. In fact, in the early days of their administrations, they call their predecessors for advice. That’s how the Clinton and Bush family developed a close friendship, and how the Obamas, already close to the Clintons, started developing a kinship with the Bushes too. In fact, there’s an entire series of memes and gifs dedicated to Michelle Obama and George W. Bush. Politics aside, they stand up for each other and offer help.
But the last time Trump and Obama talked was at the inauguration. Despite Obama making sure they had a peaceful and smooth transition, Trump continued to attack Obama, even to the point of claiming that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, which was proved false.
It might not be surprising that they wouldn’t get along or want to talk, given how much Trump blames Obama for his current failures as a president. There’s also the fact that Trump spearheaded the “birther” conspiracy, claiming that Obama was born in Kenya and not the United States. However, when the two men met after the November election, they spoke for over an hour, and Trump claimed they developed a “warm” bond.
And on inauguration day, they appeared, on camera, to get along despite their differences. That’s no longer the case. ‘I don’t think they have a relationship,’ David Axelrod, who served as Obama’s senior adviser during his first years in office, told CNN.
The only people in the country who understand what Trump is facing are the former presidents, and Obama most of all since he is Trump’s immediate predecessor. But Trump cares more about holding a grudge that he caused than seeking the smallest amount of advice from a president who served before him.

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