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Source: foreign intel gives tape to FBI of Donald Trump’s kids engaging in criminal behavior


Source: foreign intel gives tape to FBI of Donald Trump’s kids engaging in criminal behavior

On a day in which reliable sources are pointing to the Trump-Russia investigation being so far along that arrests could come as soon as next week and that Rudy Giuliani’s offer to flip is no longer even needed , another piece of the puzzle is now coming from an insider who has a tendency to be proven right about these things. The upshot: one or more of Donald Trump’s kids is about to go down.

Former Bill Clinton White House staffer Claude Taylor, whose sources have a history of proving correct, tweeted the following today: “Just getting this. A source is telling me that two countries’ Intel agencies have handed over audio of Trump kids-criminal acts on tape” . A few hours later he expanded on it: “Confirmed; British and German Intel have handed over electronic evidence on Trump kid’s criminal wrongdoing. Qatar delivered additional” . So which of Trump’s kids has been wrapped up in this, and what crime have they been caught committing

We can safely rule out Barron Trump, the little kid, and Tiffany Trump, who has no history of association with Donald Trump’s business interests. That leaves Ivanka, Donald Jr, and Eric. Palmer Report has previously brought you the story of Ivanka Trump’s involvement in Donald’s phony hotel in Azerbaijan, which is little more than a money laundering front . We’ve also brought you the story of Eric Trump’s involvement in the recent opening of his father’s golf course in Dubai, which appears to have been tied to the military raid in Yemen . And then there’s Donald Trump Jr, who has bragged on Twitter about his business trips to Russia dating back to 2008.

So take your pick as to which one (or more) of the three Trump kids has been caught on tape. But if the reliable above-named source is correct on this, then the FBI has damning evidence on them which can be used to get to their father.

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