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‘So, You Still Support Trump — This Message Is For You’ (Video)

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‘So, You Still Support Trump — This Message Is For You’ (Video)

Chances are that if you are reading this article you don’t support Trump. However, you may just know someone that you have truly admired that does. Or someone that you are forced to eat across a table with. Or a family member. Those are the people this message is really for, the ones who really need to see it.

Long before Trump got himself in hot water by obstructing justice, Keith Olbermann departed from his fiery take-downs today and opted for a message that just might, with any luck, get through to them. One that doesn’t insult their intelligence, it doesn’t call them an “-ist” (racist, sexist, misogynist, etc.), and only asks that they think rationally. Now that it is appearing more and more likely we will see an impeachment it is even more important we present this to people who haven’t realized this yet.

Olbermann opens:
So, you support Donald Trump. I’m not gonna yell. I’m not going to say you’re wrong. I’m not going to talk about his policies. I’m not going to talk about his promises. I’m not going to talk about whether he’s going to cut your taxes or raise them. I’m not going to talk about whether he’s going to make America great again or crash it and burn it.

He continues, explaining that he is not trying to change their minds. Olbermann is trying to help them understand what those of us who fought him have known since the beginning: there is something wrong with Donald Trump. He is “not well,” and though they are very smart people who bought his line, they need to come to terms with that. Because when Kieth asked this, he knew this sickness will eventually present itself as damage to us, the American people.

Now, Trump’s inability to see right and wrong — he sees win and lose — is a sickness that is hurting the American people. And this seems almost prophetic.

Olbermann lays it out, with simple, irrefutable facts. Sure, his voters were fooled. We have been fooled too, as Olbermann pointed out. He specifically speaks about John Edwards and Anthony Weiner. Two men that could say what we wanted to hear well enough we missed the con. We are smart and we missed it with them.

The message he is sending is an important one: when the GOP eventually has to remove him, then their response will be everything. It is, truly “A modest appeal to think about things rationally.”

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