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Reporters Just Caught Trump Taking An Unexpected Trip

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Reporters Just Caught Trump Taking An Unexpected Trip

It doesn’t seem like Trump enjoys being president very much because he is constantly fleeing the White House and running off to indulge in undeserved vacations. His favorite weekend activity is to abandon all responsibilities and fly to one of his gaudy properties for a round of golf.

Now, it appears that weekend trips aren’t even enough for him, and he has decided to start golfing during weekdays. On a Monday when most Americans are trekking into their places of employment for the start of the work week, Trump is off golfing with Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, reports CNN’s Noah Gray.

Trump has gone golfing 71 times since his inauguration. He has only been in office for 262 days. That means over a quarter of his days as president have been spent golfing.

One estimate places the taxpayer burden for Trump’s little trips at just shy of $73 million. The stunning hypocrisy of Trump, who regularly criticized President Obama for his occasional golf outing, is no longer surprising, but it’s still detestable. Trump is using the federal budget like a personal credit card, racking up huge costs and passing the bill onto the American people.

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