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ALERT: Martin Luther Eerily Predicted Everything Trump Is Saying In 1517


ALERT: Martin Luther Eerily Predicted Everything Trump Is Saying In 1517

One of the greatest lies the Left constantly reiterates is that Islam is a “religion of peace.” The word “Islam” means “submission,” not “peace.” Furthermore, the idea that Islam in not at war with the West and Christianity is laughable.

Christianity has long battled against Islam, stretching back centuries. Martin Luther, the German monk who began the Protestant Reformation, called the Ottoman Turks “…the rod of the wrath of the Lord our God.” Luther further added that the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V had to defeat the Turks because the Turk’s god was the devil (via WND).
During the 16th century, the Ottoman Turks threatened all of Christendom by storming the gates of Vienna. Fortunately, Emperor Charles V was able to use the gold and silver he acquired from the New World to fund the fight against the Turks.

Along with this war chest, Charles V also heeded Luther’s advice and agreed to recognize the Protestants of the Holy Roman Empire. This united Christian front successfully repelled the first Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1529.
Luther recognized that the fight against Islam was necessary for all Christian Europeans. He wrote that “The Church should drive men to repentance by showing our great and numberless sins and our ingratitude, by which we have earned God’s wrath and disfavor so that He justly gives us into the hands of the devil and the Turk” (via Britain First).

“Do not appease Islam, for appeasing Islam is appeasing the Devil.”

Luther was far from the first Christian leader to recognize the true nature of Islam.

Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos, the last ruler of the Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire, declared to the final defenders of Constantinople that the “mad and false” Muhammad wanted to pull down and destroy Christianity (via YouTube).

The great Italian poet Dante made a special torture in his Inferno for Muhammad: the Muslim prophet and his son-in-law Ali are split in two a forced to walk around with their entrails exposed (via Dante Worlds).

For all three of these great men, Islam meant only war and unholy slaughter.

Beginning in the 7th century, Islamic armies stormed out of the Arabian Peninsula and began conquering Christian lands. All of North Africa had been Christian since the time of the Romans, while Syria and Anatolia were the original home of Christianity.

These conquests only benefited Muslims. There is very little evidence that the Islamic “Golden Age” taught the West anything at all. Greek Christians built most of the great Islamic mosques, while Greek and Western Christians had been translating Greek and Roman texts for some time before the Islamic invasions (via ISI).

Islam can never be appeased. The West needs to return to God in order reclaim its lands and culture.
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