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Obama’s Ex-Girlfriend Exposes REAL Reason She Had To Take Him Out…


Obama’s Ex-Girlfriend Exposes REAL Reason She Had To Take Him Out…

Barack Obama is no longer our president, and we finally got to know the truth about his past. Obama wanted us to believe that he is the most decent man on planet Earth. But, Sheila Miyoshi-Jager knows the real truth. If by any chance you have never heard of her, Jager is Obama’s ex-girlfriend.

The mind-blowing biography reveals details og Obama’s past, and let’s be honest, he’s definitely not happy after the big “revelation.”

Have you ever read the Rising Star? It’s the Obama biography written by David J. Garrow. The book offers a juicy interview with Obama’s ex-girlfriend, Sheila Miyoshi-Jager. In this interview, Jager explains her reasons to break up with Barack Obama, adding his refusal to “condemn black anti-Semitism” as one of them.

This was quite a shocking revelation, but we saw this coming. It was more than clear that the real Obama is nothing like the person we saw on TV. The real Obama is dark and full of secrets. Obama turns out to be a devoted Muslim supporter who hates Israel. Oh, you already knew about his, didn’t you? We still don’t know the reasons that made Obama a strong opponent to Israel’s policy, but we knew that there was something big behind this hate.

Jager knew that their relationship isn’t going in the right direction after Obama decided to support the then black Chicago mayoral aide, Steve Cokely. Did Obama know that he was supporting one of the loudest anti-Semites? Of course!

Cokely was never ashamed of his anti-Semitic views. He made disgusting assaults on Jews, and even the mainstream media didn’t support his views.

According to Cokely, Jews were plotting against world leaders. He was convinced that they are running a world conspiracy to take over every country in the world. Cokely is known for his racist claims that Jewish doctors actually injected black patients with AIDS infected content.

So, Jager pulled back at the right moment. But, Obama found his fitting half, because Michelle is actually supporting his games.

What do you think about this? Do you think Obama will react to this interview?

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