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Obama Caught Stealing Key Item From Trump’s Office And He Is Going To Pay For…


Obama Caught Stealing Key Item From Trump’s Office And He Is Going To Pay For…

The Obama administration has been getting in more and more trouble as new investigations are opened up. Every week there are new reports outlining the events that unfolded under former President Barack Obama and it is not pretty. Liberals have been trying to make Obama out to be a god, but it is getting harder and harder for them to defend him.

We can all remember the Susan Rice unmasking scandal. This was something that was not only heavily denied by the left, it was also heavily criticized by the right. What she was alleged to have done (and later proven), was criminally illegal. There is no reason that she should not be facing some sort of punishment for what she did.

But now there is more to the story. Many of the documents that were related to the unmasking situation and succeeding investigation were going to be made open to President Trump and other members of Congress. This was meant to speed up the process of finding out the truth. But there has been some bad news on that front.

Obama has moved those documents to the Obama Library for an unknown reason. If you don’t know very much about the unmasking that happened under Obama, here are some of the details. Susan Rice, a former Obama official, was though to have released the names of some Trump staff members that were doing surveillance. This is not normal, no matter what the liberal media tries to tell you.

When Obama moved these documents to his library, he knew exactly what he was doing. Per the Presidential Records Act, they will now be off limits from public consumption for at least 5 years. So this makes it quite obvious that he has something to hide in all of this.

For reasons unbeknownst to us, Obama has made it a goal to destroy the Trump administration. While saying that he will not talk about the current administration, he does things that go directly against the current President. It looks like Obama might need to make up his mind before he opens his mouth next time.

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