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More Than 3,700 Victims Of ‘Trump University’ Just Got The Ultimate Revenge Against Trump


More Than 3,700 Victims Of ‘Trump University’ Just Got The Ultimate Revenge Against Trump

More than 3,700 former enrollees at “Trump University” are a lot closer to finally getting some of their money back.

The former enrollees filed claims as part of last year’s $25 million settlement the President Donald Trump agreed upon. About 7,000 former students were eligible to submit claims, but since the deadline to get the claims in was March 6th, not all of them were able to file.

If the court decides to move forward with the settlement, the former students that were able to file could be eligible to recoup about 80% of the money they wasted on Trump’s “education program.” The program offered a choice of live seminars or mentorships, but the program has since run itself into the ground.

According to CNN:

A court hearing will be held on March 30 to decide whether to approve the settlement, though one risk is a late challenge from a former student. Sherri B. Simpson of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida filed an objection to the settlement with U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel in San Diego, where the cases have been consolidated.

Simpson, who says she spent about $20,000 on Trump University courses in 2010, told CNN she wants more from the President than just a portion of her money back.

“What he did to me and what he did to everybody else was really fraudulent and I’d really like to take him to trial. I’d like to hold him accountable,” Simpson said.
Simpson said in addition to a refund and three times the amount she spent on the programs, she also wants an apology from President Trump.

How anyone could have voted for someone who has lied and defrauded people so blatantly is beyond me! His campaign should have ended there, how was the right this gullible?!

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