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Melania and Donald Trump Hold Hands As They Arrive In Sicily


Melania and Donald Trump Hold Hands As They Arrive In Sicily

Over the past few days, while the First Couple is on their foreign trip, the liberal mainstream media tried to represent a picture of Melania and Donald in the worst way possible. They complained that Melania didn’t hold Trump’s hand while they stepped out of Air Force One. But however, after their mindless attacks last week, First Lady Melania held on TIGHT to her husband as the pair arrived in Sicily this evening.

With their hands entwined, First Lady Melania and President Donald Trump made their way down the steps of Air Force One at the airport in Sicily.

As the pair emerged from the Air Force One, Melania opted for a third outfit change. She wore a strappy black cocktail dress with matching pumps which sported a cheeky leopard print sole.

Earlier this day, while in Brussels, she dazzled everyone as she met with other NATO spouses and stopped by a children’s hospital to visit sick patients.

Sicily is the final stop for the FLOTUS and POTUS before they head home from their first foreign trip. On Friday and Saturday, the President will meet with other G-7 leaders at a summit in Taormina.

Thursday’s arrival in the south of Italy came after very busy day of engagements in the heart of Europe, Brussels, which involved two outfit changes for Melania.

What do you think about this? Are you proud to have Melania and Donald Trump in the White House? Are they doing a good job so far, despite the mainstream media’s attacks?

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