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Kitten Saved from hurricane Matthew Gets small Sweater and New Home


Kitten Saved from hurricane Matthew Gets small Sweater and New Home


A tiny kitten, who was found in the storm cyclone Matthew, currently has a new sweater to keep her warm and a forever home that loves her to bits.

When a family visited a PetSmart in Northwest Raleigh, North Carolina to look at shelter kitties, they met a awfully special kitten who required some extra tender loving care.

As the father and his kids were looking for the rescue kitties, a vet assistant came to visit and told them that that they had a kitten that actually required a home and somebody to care for.

The vet assistant came with a bit tabby in a small sock sweater (to keep her warm), and the family instantly fell in love.

The kitten was rescued and brought in yesterday throughout the cyclone storms. “The vet assistant said she was about 3-4 weeks,” Sarah said.

“When I 1st saw her I had to fight off the temptation to take her home myself,” Sarah aforementioned. “This kitten was thus soft and precious, and the guy’s children were very awed by her.”

He consulted his wife regarding adopting the kitten. a few minutes later, his wife had the small fur baby “protectively cradled against her and they were buying kitty supplies.”

“I was thus happy to see her go with them,” Sarah said. “They bought this immense and fancy litter box, and they were all extra excited so i think Tube Sock Sweater Kitten is in sensible hands.”

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