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happy-foxie is a  web media company, whose mission is to entertain and inform folks in the age of social media. Our goal is to publish content from various subjects in order to find a well-balanced composition of information. moreover, our various expertise and knowledge at happy-foxie, helps us to provide interesting and varied stories. we are philanthropic since we believe in the good of humanity and the ability of humans to alter world. Consequently, we would like to contribute to this mission by publishing stories that help keeping our community informed. we tend to aim to deepen and widen views by providing neutral and well-researched data. in addition, we would like to keep our readers updated on trending web phenomena, and provide them content that’s informative and mind-expanding. every article aims to balance between information and entertainment in order to address a broad audience.

happy-foxie is growing steadily, increasing its audience since it was launched in 2016. Our optimisation algorithmic rule permits us to share every post with a narrow target audience. happy-foxie cooperates with professionals from numerous tech giants in order to develop state-of-the-art distribution possibilities within the age of social media. Moreover, the gathered expertise at happy-foxie is consulted frequently by alternative web ventures.

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